In "Eveline" by James Joyce, what are the language techniques that the author uses in the narration?

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James Joyce's story "Eveline" portrays the internal reality of a disappointing and repressive existence. In doing so, Joyce employs several literary techniques:

1. Allusions

There are several religious allusions. The dust refers to the ashes given before Lent as a reminder of man's mortality; the saints and the priest are reminders of the domination of the Catholic Church in this Irish family.  Eveline "prays to God to direct her."

2. Back-story

The background of Eveline's past with the neighborhood that has changed, the abusive father, and her promises made to Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque add meaning to the current action of the plot.

3.  Flashbacks

As Eveline sits at the window and ponders her consent to go away, she recalls her childhood and her abusive father. There was the "invariable squabble for money" as well and all the hard work of taking care of the house.

4.  Flashforwards

While she considers her promise to leave with the sailor Frank, and how...

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