The inequalities of globalization? Please help... :) Hi ineed help for my project if u can awnser the question it would be a big help.

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The problem is that some countries exploit other countries. For example, industrialized countries take advantage of poorer countries with cheaper labor, to get their goods cheaper.  More powerful countries can take advantage of weaker ones in order to get them to produce the goods, and even services in this internet age, they need at cheaper prices.

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Perhaps if you could be more specific as to what you need, we could be of more help.  What is it you want to know about these inequalities?

In general, globalization only helps countries that already have some advantages.  You have countries like China being helped because they already had a stable (if repressive) government and an educated population.  Contrast that with many African countries that have not benefitted much from globalization.  These countries lack stable government, educated populations, and basic infrastructure.  This has made it much harder for them to benefit from globalization and has increased inequality in the world.

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