I need help in English writing and maths.

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marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When writing anything, one must first have an idea about what they want to write about.  My fourth-graders are just now learning about the rudimentary steps to effective writing.  Often they don't know how or where to start.  So, I take what I know about them and their interests and create a list of possible subject material.  They get to choose one topic and narrow it down to specifics.  Then, they start naming things that they know about the topic.  Next, I have them sort their list into three or four categories.  From what they have given me, we next decide which category they want to start writing about first.  They then string their ideas into basic sentences, keeping in mind that any good paragraph has at least 3-5 sentences of varying lengths.  It's pretty rough the first time around!  The sentences don't make much sense, are all out of order, the spelling is atrocious, and the grammar pathetic.  I take their rough draft and edit it for spelling and punctuation, gently suggest more appropriate grammar and combinations of sentences that go together, and they give it another go around.  Sometimes it takes three or four tries before they have a good composition.

As far as math is concerned, I would need to know what specific areas you are having trouble with in order to really help you out.  I would be happy to help you further if you want to provide me with more info.



krishna-agrawala | Student

Esmahan, the way you have put your question here, gives a clue to the root of your difficulty in these two subjects - English writing and maths, and how you can help yourself.

You have bundled the whole of these two subject in a sentence of eight words as one big problem. When you do this, it becomes one very big problem, which is very difficult to solve either by you or bay any one else. The best things is to divide this one big problem in to many small problems and than tackle them one at a time. I suggest that you try doing the following.

First of all, find out in each of these two subjects something that you do understand and are able to handle. At least find out things that you find least difficult or formidable. This then becomes like a first building block in the process of building a complete house. Next find some of the easier topics and concepts related to this firs block. Try to understand these and master these with appropriate practice. If you have specific doubts in the topic you can post specific questions on eNotes. Such specific questions are likely to result in more specific and helpful answers.

In this way you can learn and master one topic or chapter at a time. As you go along learning in this way, you may find that what appeared to you very confusing and difficult may become very interesting and relatively easy.