Is industrialization advantage or disadvantage? I want to write an essay,so need explanation.

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Industrialization is mostly good for the economy. Mass production of goods puts people to work, and the goods are cheaper so more people can buy them. Workers get paid and use their money to buy the products. The disadvantage is that workers become dependent on the factories and when they go, there are no new jobs.
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One big advantage to industrialization is that over time it tends to raise the standard of living for most of the people in a society. Machines can be used to do the more dangerous and physically demanding types of work, which saves lives and injuries. Industrialized nations tend to have better health care systems, and there is more money to build infrastructure, such as roads, power distribution networks, schools, and communications systems.

As far as disadvantages, I agree with post #3  about social disruption, and industrialization and the things it brings with it also usually create pollution, fragmentation of natural habitats, and general environmental degradation.

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It's both, I suppose.

Economically, it's a major advantage to go from pre-industrial to industrial.  That is how every economy that is now strong has built itself.  Manufacturing is a relatively high value-added sector and can create a middle class that can drive economic development in a country.

Socially and perhaps environmentally, it can be a bad thing.  Industrialization tends to pull people out of villages and into cities.  This can disrupt social networks and cause people to feel much more alone in the world.  This change can upset the whole culture of a country.

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