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Which ideology is least concerned with the elimination of economic inequality?  (See below.)

The ideology which is least concerned with the elimination of the glaring inequalities described in the quotation " the rich were powerful and lived well; the poor were unorganized and suffered" is

A. Capitalism

B. Liberalism

C. Social democracy

D. Utopian socialism

Expert Answers

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The best answer of the ones that you have given is A.  B is somewhat of a possibility, but A is better.  The other two cannot possibly be correct.

It is a bit difficult to distinguish between capitalism and liberalism.  Many countries that adhere to the values of liberalism (as the US does) are also capitalist countries.  The idea of economic freedom is very important to both liberalism and capitalism.

However, capitalism is, of the two, the less likely to be concerned with eliminating the problems you mention.  Capitalism holds that people should be able to rise or fall as their abilities and their efforts warrant.  Therefore, if there is a segment of the population that is poor and suffering, a hardline capitalist would say that this is their own problem and they should work harder so as to get out of their predicament.

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