“India’s export markets are still largely limited to the developed countries.” Critically examine this statement.

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I would agree with much of the statement.  I think that India's export markets are still tied to developed countries.  It makes for easy opportunities and revenue streams to go into trade agreeements with nations like the United States or England.  The mechanisms by which trade policies are established and in the development of a quid pro quo system are more readily evident.  It takes less time and guarantees greater return on investments to do so.  I think that this would be one of the reasons why India's export markets are still limited or reflected in developing countries.

However, given the current economic conditions in so much of the so- called developed countries, though, it might be in India's best interests to generate long term solutions in working with lesser developed nations.  I think that it might require India to step outside of its own perception as being beholden to the "established" economic powers and start the groundwork and infrastructure needed to generate trade leads in nations that are not "on the radar" as of yet.  This will require India to engage in initiatives that it normally does not do, such as initiating diplomatic and industrial contact with new nations, ensuring that new relationships can be forged and formed with nations that might not necessarily be emerging at this time.

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