To what extent does Indian education for all reduce poverty?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that several arguments can be made to identify how proponents of education in India seek to reduce poverty.  The most stunning example of this is the proposition to ensure that every school child in India is in possession of a laptop computer.  The desire to do so comes out of a need to reduce the digital divide that might exist between rich and poor students in India and to ensure that each child is a digital learner, capable of understanding what needs are present in the 21st Century.  In this endeavor we see that there is a desire to link education to economic and professional competition and a hope to bring about a sense of empowerment through education to its children.  At the same time, the development of EDUSAT as a means to conquer distance in education is another initiative driven to bring education to all and eliminate poverty.  EDUSAT is a satellite that brings education to all parts of India so that rural and urban distinctions do not define education access or the lack of it.  In this light, one can see the belief that education is an equalizing force and an empowering one.  Within this is the belief that education for all can help to reduce poverty and disempowerrment.

allabout | Student

Indian Education System is now a days improving  practical based so poverty decreasing in India. So Education is important to every one.

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