Identify two significant powers that are denied to Congress in the Constitution.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While it was evident that the framers of the Constitution wished to endow Congress with much in way of powers, I think that there were some significant powers that checks and balances enabled the other branches to possess.  One significant power was the ability to appoint individuals to government positions.  Congress can only confirm who the President appoints.  This is significant because it ensures that Congress must follow what the President suggests or advocates in order to ensure that essential government positions are filled with qualified individuals capable of serving the nation's needs.  I think that an even greater power that Congress lacks is the power to determine Constitutionality.  The Congress is not able to determine the judicial constitutionality of laws and actions.  This power is something that the Supreme Court in the form of the Judicial Branch is able to determine.  This power is important in that it ensures all actions and laws are in synchronicity with the Constitution.  This power is granted to the Supreme Court and not to Congress.