In the book "Animal Farm," indentify three ways that Napoleon tries to soldify his leadership position on the farm.

Expert Answers
ophelious eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are lots of different possible answers to this question, as Napoleon spends much of his time in "Animal Farm" plotting out ways to increase his control over his farm.  I'll give you some ideas, but there are probably lots of others you could come up with through a little digging.  I am listing these in no particular order except how I remember them:

  • Napoleon drives Snowball off the farm so he won't have to compete with him,
  • Napoleon has the "Animal Farm Anthem" changed to be less "freedom inspiring" than "Beasts of England."
  • Napoleon has Boxer turned into dog food, eliminating his most powerful rival,
  • Napoleon trains his own squad of loyal attack dogs to intimidate the others,
  • Napoleon puts himself up as the chief negotiator with the outside world, forbidding the other animals from talking with the humans,
  • Napoleon becomes ruthless...for example, breaking the "strike" by the hens through starvation,
  • Napoleon spends a lot of time reading, increasing his knowledge,
  • Napoleon has squealer rewrite many of the Animal Farm "laws" on the barn wall.

Like I said, these are just some examples.  A little research will turn up many, many more!