To what did increased industrialization lead?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Increased industrialization had many effects on our country.  One impact is that it changed the workplace.  Workers came to work in factories instead of at home or in smaller, more family-friendly work environments.  As a result, workers saw their working conditions deteriorate.  They worked long hours, had low pay, and worked in unsafe and unregulated work environments.

Another impact of industrialization was the growth of businesses.  Businesses began to make more products.  Businesses spread throughout the country as the people moved westward.  Eventually, new forms of business organization developed such as trusts and monopolies.

Industrialization also led to the growth of our cities and some of the problems cities began to face.  Since jobs were in the cities, people moved there. Immigrants from other countries came to live in the cities.  People also came from the rural areas.  So many people came to the cities, the cities were unable to handle basic needs. Pollution, disease, and crime increased. This led to the development of corrupt political machines.

Industrialization also led to the development of new inventions.  As people tried to create new machines, new products were made.  The typewriter, the telephone, and the mechanical reaper are just a few examples of new inventions.

Industrialization had a very big impact on our country.

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