Include a quote and identify TWO language techniques (and relate to the AOS journeys) when Lenina first goes into savage territory and takes too much soma. Explain how her fear of the place is the result of the World state's control. Also identify the advantages of travelling into savage territory

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In Part 3 of Chapter Six after Lenina and Bernard arrive at the reservation, the warden tells them that there is no escape for the Indians because the fence is electric and may kill them if touched. Delighting in her immediate repulsion, he leans over her, whispering about the "shameful subject" of natural birth will offend her. Then, after the warden tells her and Bernard that people die on this reservation called Malpais, she feels queasy, so she takes a gramme of soma. As they walk behind a guide, Lenina finds the outdoors distasteful, " feel so small when you're on the ground at the bottom of a hill." Further, at the entrance of the pueblo where they are to stay, Lenina is appalled by "The dirt, to start with, the piles of rubbish, the dust, the dogs, the flies." She sees an old, old man and women who breast feed their young, a sight that Lenina feels is indecent, but Bernard remarks, "What a wonderfully intimate relationship...and what an intensity of feeling it must generate." But, Lenina is appalled because she has been taught that such primitive things as live birth and nursing babies are offensive. Only when she hears the Indian drums does Lenina relax because they remind her of the synthetic sounds and rhythms of the Solidarity Services.

As they attend the ceremony with the leader of the dancers and the snakes, there is much sensory imagery

A great yell went up from the crowd....More and more, black snakes and brown and mottled--he flung them out. Round and round they went with their snakes, ...a soft undulating movement at the knees and hips....suddenly the drums broke into a panic of hurrying notes....

Shortly after the ceremony, Lenina and Bernard see a handsome young man who does not look like the others. He bemoans that he could not have been whipped, rather than the other man, speaking in metaphor as he quotes Shakespeare,

"They could have had twice as much blood from me. The multitudinous seas incarnadine."

After her bizarre day on the reservation where she has met the young man, John, and been introduced to his mother Linda, who has once lived in their world, Lenina wants a soma holiday from the "queerness and horror" against which she has been conditioned--

"Take a holiday from reality whenever you like, and come back without so much as a headache or a mythology," she has been taught

She has seen how the world used to be, and she is repulsed by the smell and dirt:"Civilization is Sterilization" she repeats. On the other hand, Bernard has been intrigued by the life on a reservation where people reproduce the old way and babies belong to a family. He is also very interested in John as the product of a dream of Rousseau, who conceived of the natural man. 

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