illustration of a face with two separate halves, one good and one evil, located above the fumes of a potion

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

by Robert Louis Stevenson

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Incident at the window: What does this part of the story reveal about Dr. Jekyll?

Expert Answers

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I suppose what this chapter tells us about Dr. Jekyll is that there is something very wrong with him.

At first, Utterson and Enfield see him and they think that maybe things have gotten more or less back to normal.  Jekyll is standing in the window, looking worn, but normal.

They talk to him and he says he is feeling bad, but recovering.  He says he had better not walk with them, but he is willing to talk.  But then he gets a look of complete terror (that freezes the men's blood) and disappears into the house.

So it's pretty clear something very strange is going on.

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