In "Young Goodman Brown," what is the wickedness that Brown witnesses, and how are he and Faith involved in it?

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Brown witnesses a black mass, during which many of the people he always thought were pious, God-fearing Christians appear to be devil-worshippers. I say "appear" because it's not immediately obvious that the assembled throng really are in league with Satan, or just playing around with the forces of darkness for a cheap thrill. For when a dark, Satanic figure beckons Brown and his wife, Faith, to step forward to the altar and become fully-fledged acolytes of the Desolate One, Faith hesitates, apparently realizing that this isn't just a big game; her mortal soul's at stake.

Whether this really happened or was all just a dream, Brown has become more skeptical of accepting people at face value. It doesn't matter how respectable they may appear on the surface; what...

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