In Wonder, where was August born?

August was born in New York City, probably in Manhattan, where his family lived.

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In R. J. Palacio's Wonder, August's birthplace is not specifically named, but we can infer from the story that he was born in New York City, probably in Manhattan, where his family moved when Via was only a year old.

Before August was born, the doctors noticed that he had abnormalities, but they didn't expect the problems to be too bad. They told his parents that they saw only some "small abnormalities," and they made no special provisions for his birth. August's mother's regular doctor wasn't even in the delivery room on the night of the birth. Rather, a young doctor who was not particularly competent was on hand .

When August was born, "the whole room got very quiet." One of the nurses took August out immediately, and the young doctor fainted dead away on the floor. The remaining nurse had her hands full trying to keep August's mom from getting out of bed and revive the doctor at the same time (which she did by yelling at him and nudging him with her foot).

August thinks that the story of his birth is absolutely hilarious, especially the way his mom tells it. His mom also mentions the support of the nurse and how when she first saw August, she easily looked past all the abnormalities (which were much, much worse than the doctors thought) and focused on his beautiful eyes.

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