In Wonder, what is the first day of school like for Auggie?

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Auggie’s first day of school is rough, but it could certainly have been worse. When he gets to school, he attempts to maintain a low profile, and he sits alone for a long time. Eventually, Jack sits with him, which makes Auggie happy. Later, however, Julian, a student giving Auggie a tour of the school, compares Auggie to Darth Sidious, from Star Wars, a character with a disfigured face. This comparison upsets Auggie tremendously because of his facial deformity.

Later, at lunch, he decides to sit alone because he doesn’t want to be made of for his face or the way he eats. However, Summer comes to sit with him and dubs their table a “summer only” table—meaning that only kids whose names have a connection to summer can sit there.

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On a scale of one to ten, Auggie rates his first day of school a five. In his first class of the day, he notices that no one seems interested in sitting next to him. Eventually, Jack Will takes a seat next to Auggie. While this is a positive for Auggie, it doesn't take long for something negative to happen. Julian, one of the students that participated in giving Auggie a tour of the school, asks Auggie if he likes Darth Sidious. Students that are not familiar with Star Wars would not understand the hidden insult in Julian's question. Darth Sidious is a character whose face is badly burned. Auggie understands that Julian is insulting him.

Auggie seems to enjoy his English teacher, Mr. Browne. He enjoys Mr. Browne's sense of humor, and it is Mr. Browne's precept about choosing to be kind that helps Auggie decide that he's going to like school. When it's time for lunch, Auggie must face the difficult of task of choosing where to sit. He hates the way he eats and is prepared for a difficult time. He soon finds a table where he sits alone until Summer makes her appearance. Summer decides that their lunch table should be a "summer only" table. It is determined that only students whose names have a "connection to summer" will be allowed to sit at their table. Exceptions will made for students that they consider to be nice.

Later that night, Auggie begins to cry in front of his mother. He asks, "Why do I have to be so ugly, Mommy?" His mother does her best to help him feel better. Although Auggie expects people to stare at him, he still finds it hurtful.

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Auggie's first full day of school isn't too bad, all things considered. For the most part, he tries to keep his head down, both literally and figuratively. He doesn't want the other kids to see his disability and make fun of it. But inevitably they do, or rather Julian does. This unpleasant young man turns a seemingly innocent question about Star Wars into an excuse to poke fun at Auggie's facial deformity. At lunchtime Auggie is unnerved, if not surprised, to find the other kids staring at him like he's some kind of animal in a zoo. But it most certainly is a surprise when Summer comes over and sits next to him and politely engages in conversation. This makes Auggie's first day at school a whole lot easier.

When he gets home, Auggie tells his family that his first day wasn't so bad. But when his mom comes to tuck him into bed that night, he starts crying, demanding to know why he has to be so ugly.

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