In Wonder, what did Charlotte and August talk about when they were in the auditorium?

When August and the other kids are in the auditorium, Charlotte continues to speak about the production of Oliver! that the school had put on the previous year. She discusses the nerves that she had felt before being able to spot her parents in the audience.

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The first thing that August notices about the auditorium is the stage at the other end of the room. Since before they had walked into the auditorium, Charlotte had been giving August an enthusiastic account of the performance of Oliver! that Beecher Prep had put on the previous year.

Charlotte talks to August about how nervous she was on opening night. She recalls that she had loads of lines and songs to remember, and describes the experience as "so, so, so, so, so hard!" She reveals that when her nerves reached fever pitch over not being able to see her parents in the audience, the theater arts teacher, Mr. Resnick, had instructed her to "stop being such a diva." She tells August that once she had managed to find her parents in the audience, her nerves dissipated and she was able to perform flawlessly.

She then goes on to talk about the fact that a school play is put on every year, and that there are numerous ways to become involved, even if one doesn't want to be on stage. When Julian intervenes, implying that there is something inferior about being part of the lighting crew or painting sets, Charlotte reminds the group that they are not obliged to take the theater-arts elective.

As Julian becomes increasingly rude, Charlotte proves unafraid to tell him off and does her best to put him in his place.

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