In Whirligig, Alexandra and Stephanie are friends that enjoy what same things?

Alexandra and Stephanie are friends who enjoy reading books.

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You'll find Alexandra and Stephanie's story in the chapter "Weeksboro, Maine."

In that chapter, Stephanie and Alexandra head out to a point at Weeksboro. There, Alexandra uses a guided imagery exercise to help Stephanie gain the confidence she needs to get a boyfriend. Although Stephanie is less than enthusiastic about Alexandra's approach to helping her, she plays along in good nature.

The girls are good friends who both enjoy reading books. Alexandra has a boyfriend named Trevor. It appears that this new relationship has inspired Alexandra to help Stephanie find a boyfriend. The text tells us that Stephanie is a tomboy. Science is her favorite subject, and she's logical to a fault.

To Stephanie, makeup and boys are a waste of time. She pokes fun at Alexandra's guided imagery exercise but is a good sport about it. Alexandra acknowledges that boys can't be everything a girl needs. For example, she can't discuss a Jane Austen book with Trevor. However, she thinks that Stephanie would have a happier life if she had a boyfriend.

The two friends come across Brent's whirligig during their time in Weeksboro. The whirligig is almost as large as a box kite and is mounted on a pole. It has vanes, wheels, and propellers attached to it.

The name Lea Rosalia Santos Zamora is written on the whirligig. Lea is the eighteen-year-old girl Brent killed after his car ran into her. At the time of her death, Lea was a

senior at Niles North High School, an honor student, member of the student council, the orchestra, the track team, active in the Filipino community, volunteer at Resurrection Hospital.

Despite the lighthearted tone of the chapter, the whirligig is an unmistakable reminder of the tragedy that drives the actions in the story.

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