In what ways is the Massachusetts Constitution similar to the United States Constitution? 

The Massachusetts Constitution, similarly to the United States Constitution, contains a preamble, a declaration of rights, a frame of government, and articles of amendment. Both documents provide reasoning for their existence, a structure of governance, a list of individual rights, and a method of changing themselves for future citizens.

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The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will always be linked to the Constitution of the United States because of the fact that the former served as a model for the latter.

John Adams served as the primary author of the Massachusetts Constitution. The document remains the oldest functioning written constitution in continuous effect in the world. Additionally, it was the first constitution created by a convention rather than being created by a legislative body.

The four key similarities between the two documents include the Preamble, the Declaration of Rights, the Frame of Government, and the Articles of Amendment.

The Preamble of the Massachusetts Constitution is a high-level summary of the need for the following language. It also outlines the goals the convention intended to achieve with the passage of the constitution. This is quite similar to the abstract section of a research paper. This model was adopted by the United States Constitution.

Following the Preamble comes the...

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