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by William Shakespeare

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In what ways is Marcus Brutus a villain in Julius Caesar?

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While Shakespeare casts Brutus in a relatively favorable light as an honorable, selfless man, one could argue that Brutus possesses several villainous attributes. Even though Brutus cares deeply about the Roman populace and is manipulated by Cassius, he proves that he is a villain by betraying his close friend and assassinating a well-liked, benevolent leader.

Before murdering Julius Caesar, Brutus struggles to come to terms with the fact that he is about to kill his friend. Caesar views Brutus as a close ally and is astonished that Brutus would betray him. By betraying Caesar, Brutus is portrayed as a deceitful, heartless villain.

In addition to betraying his close friend, Brutus proceeds to bathe his hands in Caesar's blood, which is a disturbing, unsettling image. Brutus's decision to bathe his hands in Caesar's blood depicts him as a violent, intimidating villain. Shortly after assassinating Julius Caesar, Brutus tells the senators,

Stoop, Romans, stoop, / And let us bathe our hands in...

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psmadhusoodhan | Student

Marcus Brutus was definitely the villain in Julius Caesar. Had he had no villainous instinct, Cassius would not have been successful bringing him onto his side. Marcus Brutus, known to be principled intellectual couldn't have been so susceptible to the explanations offered by Cassius.

The lesson clearly portrays him as the villain because he had taken the entire episode into his reins right from the place, time and venue of the killing of Caesar. Not only this, he also validates the killing to the Romans accentuating that Caesar would have become a dictator. Isn’t his act seemed to be a dictator’s work?


mahmood786 | Student

The villain would then be Cassius for conspiring to kill Caesar, for manipulating Brutus. "

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Cassius was the brains behind act. He got in to the other guys heads and used their fears and ideas towards killing ceaser. He made Brutus believe he was doing the right thing for what was best for rome. Simple mind tricks on the others. look at how the sith lord used Skywalker to kill the rest of his jedi friends. same thing.