In what ways does the historical precedent for violent removal of Native populations filter into the modern era? How does violence—both internal and external—appear throughout the narrative of There There?  

Internal violence occurs in the narrative of There There via the character of Tony Loneman, to use just one example. His face, affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, brings him inner turbulence and pain. Tony, among others, also serves as the impetus for external violence in the form of a violent shootout.

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In Tommy Orange’s novel There There , violence occurs in different forms. With Tony Loneman, you might claim some of the violence that he experiences predates his birth. In this sense, Tony’s situation connects to the violent history that Indigenous people in the United States have suffered. For Tony, the violence was already there. He inherits it, and it manifests in his face. The alcohol addiction that is prevalent in Indigenous communities and the cause of Tony's Fetal Alcohol Syndrome...

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