In what ways did the new spirit of nationalism that emerged after the War of 1812 affect economic and judicial policies?

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The new spirit of nationalism affected many parts of American life after the War of 1812. People moved farther West and took more land from the Native Americans. This led to calls for improved internal improvements in order to move raw materials in the West to the new factories in the East. After the era of Good Feelings, one of the key debates in the United States was who was to supply these internal improvements—the federal government or the states?

The rise of American industry led to more calls for tariffs in order to protect American manufacturers from European competition—mainly competition from Britain. Manufacturers were in favor of tariffs, while places that produced raw materials, such as the South which was becoming a Cotton Kingdom, disliked the tariffs because it made prices higher on consumer goods.

Increased trade and transportation improvements also led to a newfound focus on commerce. In the court case Gibbons v. Ogden in 1824, the Supreme Court ruled that states...

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