In what ways can Caliban in The Tempest be characterized as a "noble savage"?

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A Noble Savage, as constructed by essayists such as Montaigne, lives in a way that exposes the corruption and artifice of European society. This "savage" is actually purer and more filled with integrity and goodness than the white European. He is healthier and more innocent. This idealized innocence makes him a better, more noble person that the average European.

Caliban is more savage than noble as depicted through the eyes of the whites who interact with him. He is described as a monster and characterized as a would-be rapist of the pure, white Miranda. However, a post-colonial reading, which focuses on Caliban's point of view, can understand him as noble. After all, when Prospero and the infant Miranda shipwrecked helplessly on the island, Caliban showed them how to survive. Prospero repaid that innocent kindness by turning around and enslaving Caliban,...

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