Their Eyes Were Watching God Questions and Answers
by Zora Neale Hurston

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In what ways (at least three) are Tea Cake and Nanny considered to be feminists in Their Eyes Were Watching God? Please explain and support your claim with quotes/evidence.

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To consider Nanny and Tea Cake as feminists is to consider how they believe in or work toward the empowerment of women. For Nanny, this comes through her work in empowering herself and Janie. Nanny works and purchases her own property in order to give Janie something to be proud of. As Janie says, "Nanny didn't love tuh see me wid mah head hung down, so she figgered it would be mo' better fuh me if us had uh house. She got de land and everything. ..." Nanny could have married in order to make the financial burden easier, but she supported Janie and herself on her own in order to keep Janie safe. Nanny says, "Ah wouldn't marry nobody,...

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