In what ways are the boys who joined Daniel and Joel's band in The Bronze Bow different? In what ways are they the same?

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The boys who join Daniel's and Joel's bands of zealots are similar in that they all share the same goal: to drive the hated Romans out of Israel once and for all. In order to achieve that end, they're prepared to make enormous sacrifices, in some cases leaving behind their loved ones and taking huge risks with their lives. If any of these young men are caught by the Romans, their remaining time on this earth will be decidedly unpleasant, to say the least.

The main difference between the boys in each group stems largely from personality differences between Daniel and Joel. Whereas Daniel is more active, Joel is much more of a thinker than a doer. That's not to say that he and his men aren't actively engaged in rebellion against the Romans, it's just that they tend to rely more on brains than brawn. We can see this when Joel disguises himself as a servant in the marketplace in order to gather intelligence. This way, he gets to find out about the Romans' movements.

The members of Daniel's group are much more likely to engage in hand-to-hand combat than Joel's boys. Like Daniel, most of them have had quite hard upbringings, so they are used to engaging in fisticuffs. For most of them, physical violence is second nature.

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