In what way does the rhythm of the last two sentences of paragraph 8 and paragraph 9 reflect the content of those passages?

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In the short story "An Episode of War" by Stephen Crane, an army lieutenant is sorting a supply of coffee with his sword when he is suddenly struck by a bullet in his right arm. He cries out in surprise and pain, and he has to transfer the sword to his left hand. He looks around as if stunned before attempting to sheath his sword. Someone has to help him put it back in its scabbard. The other men are sympathetic, but now that the lieutenant is wounded, they don't want to even touch him. As Crane explains, "A wound gives strange dignity to him who wears it."

In fact, the lieutenant is experiencing battle shock because of the unexpected wound inflicted upon him. The online Psychology Dictionary gives this definition of battle shock:

A combat stress reaction wherein a...

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