In "What Men Live By," what thoughts go through Simon's mind when he first sees the stranger? Why does he come back for him?

In "What Men Live By," Simon is immediately seized by terror when he first sees the stranger. The man is naked, leaning motionless against a roadside shrine. Simon thinks that someone has killed and robbed the stranger, and as he doesn't want to get into trouble, he walks away from him. However, Simon turns back because he realizes that the stranger may be dying from want and is thus in need of help.

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Simon the shoemaker is out and about collecting debts from the peasants who owe him money. It's largely a fruitless task as he only receives a measly twenty kopecks for some boots that he's mended and a pair of felt boots given to him by a peasant to sole with leather.

Feeling downhearted, Simon makes his way along the frozen path, when all of a sudden he comes across something strange and whitish by a shrine at the bend of the...

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