In what chapter does Simon speak to the Lord of the Flies?

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Toward the end of chapter 8, Simon arrives at his secluded spot in the forest where Jack and his savages made a sacrifice to the beast by placing the severed pig's head onto a stake. As Simon stares at the severed pig's head, he begins to hallucinate and the Lord of the Flies begins to speak. The Lord of the Flies proceeds to call Simon a "silly boy" and tells him that the others think he is "batty." The Lord of the Flies then mentions that he is the beast and goes on to say:

Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill! (Golding 206)

The severed pig's head also informs Simon that he is the reason why it is "no go" on the island and says that there is no way to escape. The Lord of the Flies ends the conversation by threatening Simon and demands that "We are going to have fun on this island!" (Golding 207). Simon then loses consciousness after the Lord of the Flies is done speaking.

Overall, the Lord of the Flies confirms Simon's belief that the beast is not a tangible creature that can be killed and is actually the inherent wickedness inside each boy. In chapter 9, Simon discovers that the beast is simply a dead corpse on the top of the mountain, but he is brutally murdered by the boys before he can share his message.

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