In Walden, why is Thoreau's motto simplicity?

In Walden, Thoreau's motto is simplicity because it is an important way of life for him, not just an ideal. Thoreau believes that by living out a more simplistic lifestyle, he is able find fulfillment much more readily than his neighbors, who are burdened by mortgages or more concerned about the trappings of success. Thoreau resists the notion of his life being ruled by desire. Ironically, Thoreau's writing style is far from simplistic.

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Simplicity is very important to Thoreau. For him, it isn't just an important philosophical ideal; it's a way of life. Thoreau believes that living a simple life is the best way to reduce one's desires and, by extension, the complications they create. All too often, however, people deal with their desires by generating more of them, by acquiring more property or buying more of the...

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