In Tuesdays with Morrie, did Mitch change as the book went on? In what way?

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Mitch changes as he absorbs Morrie's lessons; he becomes more thoughtful, appreciative, and kind.

One of the biggest changes in Mitch is how he sees success and the value of the time he has. Mitch is a man who buries himself in work while ignoring the other things in his life; through his interactions with Morrie, he learns to value Janine and his family more. He learns to take the time for him instead of always being focused on growing his career.

Morrie also teaches Mitch to be more comfortable with uncomfortable moments. Morrie is clearly dying and that is something that is uncomfortable to Mitch; he also thinks about how he'd be uncomfortable talking to someone on the phone that he didn't know when his wife talks to Morrie with happiness and sincerity for the first time. He learns to be a more open and caring person through the lessons Morrie teaches him. A lot of this comes from the importance of finding value in a person's community and family.

Morrie tells Mitch that the most...

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