In Tuck Everlasting, why can't the Tucks stay in any one place for very long?

In Tuck Everlasting, the Tucks cannot stay in one place for very long because they are immortal and do not age. If they stayed in one place, their neighbors would notice this and become suspicious.

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In Natalie Babbitt's Tuck Everlasting, Winnie Foster meets Jesse Tuck near her home in Treegap, New Hampshire. Jesse appears to be about seventeen years old, but he tells Winnie that he is really 104 and has gained immortality and eternal youth by drinking water from a spring in the woods close to Treegap. His mother, father, and brother have become immortal in the same way, and he warns Winnie not to drink from the spring.

The Tucks cannot remain in one place for too long because, at some point, the people around them will inevitably notice that they never grow any older. They tell Winnie about a time in the past when this happened. Miles, Jesse's older brother, was married, and the family had been settled on a farm for about twenty years. However, Miles's wife became increasingly suspicious that he never appeared to become any older, and she came to believe that he must have sold his...

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