In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, what are Dewey's two different scenarios for the crime?

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Al Dewey is asked to head the investigation into the Clutter case, which Capote describes as an “intricate ... apparently motiveless, [and] all but clueless” crime. Dewey was not only qualified as a former FBI Special Agent and sheriff himself, but he knew the Clutter family personally.

Early in the investigation, Dewey comments that he has an opinion on whether the murders were committed by one or more killers but prefers not to disclose it. However, Capote notes that “at this time, on this subject, Dewey was undecided” about the single killer or multiple killer theories.

Single-killer scenario: the murderer knew the family and each family member’s habits and also had a general knowledge of the layout of the house. One thing that supports the killer knowing the family is that he would therefore have known that the Clutter's dog, Teddy, was afraid of weapons and would not have barked and alerted the family.

The killer entered the house at around midnight and immediately, after...

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