How Does Aunt Alexandra Feel About Calpurnia

In To Kill a Mockingbird, does Aunt Alexandra feel about Calpurnia in chapter 14?

Aunt Alexandra feels hostile towards Calpurnia in chapter 14 of To Kill a Mockingbird. She believes that Scout needs a proper female role model and that she would make a better job of it than Calpurnia. To that end, she openly tells Atticus that he should dispense with Calpurnia's services. Atticus disagrees with his sister, as he sees the value of having Calpurnia in Scout's life.

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As soon as Aunt Alexandra arrives at the Finch residence, she immediately starts taking over. Now that she's here, things are going to be very different. Alexandra has never been a big fan of how her brother raises his children and is determined to correct what she sees as his deficiencies as a parent. Alexandra is one of those insufferable people who believe that they're right all the time and that everyone else is always wrong. This attitude comes through in her attitude towards raising children. As far as she's concerned, this means that no one else needs to help out raising Scout and Jem.

That includes Calpurnia. Calpurnia may have been a valued member of the Finch household for some time, but that cuts little ice with Alexandra. Now that she's staying under the same roof as Scout and Jem, there's no need for the children to have any other adult authority figures around. That means that there's no longer a place for Calpurnia.

Alexandra tells Atticus quite frankly that he should let her...

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