In To Kill a Mockingbird, after Scout finished talking to Jem about the teacher's discussion about Hitler, why did Jem react as he did?

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Scout didn't understand how Miss Gates could talk badly about Hitler and then turn around and speak harshly herself about the African Americans in her own hometown. She tried to talk to Jem about this but in doing so mentioned that she had overheard Miss Gates' comments on the steps of the courthouse. Jem "became furious." He reacted this way because he had not yet recovered from the verdict of Tom Robinson. In Jem's mind the verdict of guilty was completely unjust and he could not understand how the people in Macomb, the people he thought he knew to be good people, could unfairly convict an innocent man. Attitus tells Scout, "Jem was trying hard to forget something, but what he was really doing was storing it away for a while, until enough time passed. Then he would be able to think about it and sort things oout. When he was able to think about it, Jem would be himself again." (pg261)

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