In "The Yellow Wallpaper," describe the room the narrator stays in.

The room the narrator stays in in "The Yellow Wallpaper" is large but dilapidated. It has bars on the windows and a nailed-down bed, which gives the room a prison-like feeling. As the name of the story implies, the room has yellow wallpaper, which the narrator hates.

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The room that our narrator stays in is one that she soon severely dislikes. Her controlling husband, John, has insisted that she stay in the unattractive “nursery” upstairs, rather than allowing her to be in the downstairs room like she wanted.

The room is described as taking up almost the whole floor, which tells us that it is spacious. Our narrator notes that there are bars on the window, which leads her to assume that it has previously been used as a nursery and a playroom. These bars, together with the “rings and things” on the wall, give the room an ominous impression. The fact that the bed is nailed down adds to this somber appearance. The floor is described as tattered and dilapidated, and the nailed-down bed, bars on the windows, and rings on the walls create an impression not unlike a jail cell or mental institution.

Our narrator also describes the room as a whole as somewhat dilapidated, with the wallpaper being stripped off “in great patches” around the bed. She...

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