In The White Tiger, is Balram justified in killing Ashok?

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This is an interesting question. Balram sees killing Ashok as his way to escape poverty. Balram was born into what he refers to as the "rooster coop," or the chaos, corruption, and poverty in which most people in India live—save the few very elite members of society. He believes that, given the lowly caste into which he was born, he has no chance to succeed honestly. For example, he is not able to get a good education, and he works as a chauffeur for Ashok and his beautiful wife, Pinky Madam.

Viewed in this way, it might seem justified for Balram to kill Ashok to gain his master's privileges and seize the opportunity for a better life—an opportunity that he will likely never be able to access any other way. However, Ashok is personally somewhat sympathetic to Balram. Ashok is troubled by the corruption and evil ways he sees in the elite of India, and he is morally superior to his other family members. He is also very hurt when his wife, Pinky Madam, leaves him. Therefore, Ashok is a...

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