In The Westing Game, why does Angela go to the kitchen during the party?

In The Westing Game, Angela goes into the kitchen in order to be alone and cry.

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Angela and Turtle are unfortunate to have the mother that they have. Grace Wexler isn't a terrible parent. She loves her children; however, she is extremely critical of both of her daughters and is anything but tactful when it comes to giving her commentary. Consequently, nothing the girls do is ever good enough for their mother. Turtle is confident enough to have snippy comeback comments. Turtle is also fairly adept at just ignoring her mother's comments. Angela is a different story. Angela is the golden child and the focus of her mother's "affection." Grace dotes on Angela because of her beauty and because that beauty is likely to land her a successful husband. Angela realizes that this pressure is there, but Angela doesn't have Turtle's confidence to simply be who she wants to be and act how she wants to act. Angela just quietly takes her mother's condescending comments and believes that she is never going to be good enough for the woman.

Chapter 10 has Angela and the other heirs attending a party, and the entire event doesn't start well for Angela. Her mother forced her to change out of her chosen costume that would have hopefully helped her and her partner gather some additional clues. Then her dad asks how she is doing without the presence of her fiancé. The comment bothers Angela because it further shows that nobody sees her as an individual with her own thoughts, hopes, dreams, and abilities. She is simply decoration for someone else. Grace will eventually make her way over to Angela, and Grace immediately begins criticizing Angela's hair, dress, and so on. It's too much. Angela's emotions can't handle it any more, so she quickly goes to the kitchen to be by herself. Angela doesn't want anybody to see her break down and cry.

Angela rushed into Judge Ford’s kitchen. She had to get away, she had to be alone, by herself, or she’d burst out crying.

Crow happens to be in the kitchen, and Crow immediately understands Angela's emotional state. Crow hands Angela a dish towel, and Angela begins weeping.

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