In The Wednesday Wars, who is Holling’s sister working for?

Holling’s sister works for the Robert Kennedy campaign and then for their father’s business.

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Throughout The Wednesday Wars, the conflict intensifies between Holling Hoodhood’s older sister, Heather, and their father. Some of this conflict revolves around her politics. Rejecting her argument that she is already working “for Bobby Kennedy,” Mr. Hoodhood demands that she work as a receptionist in his business.

Heather, a senior in high school, is idealistic and wants to improve society. Their father, who runs his own architecture business, is deeply conservative. The areas of conflict include her extracurricular activities and post-graduation college plans. Their disagreements become so intense that Heather eventually runs away from home.

Heather’s growing interest in liberal politics and social reform centers on the aspiring presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy. Heather has started volunteering in his campaign for the Democratic Party’s nomination. This information is revealed when Mr. Hoodhood needs to add a receptionist position at his firm. He has decided to hire Heather for a low hourly wage. When he announces this decision, however, she replies that she cannot take the job. Mr. Hoodhood counters that it is time for her to see what it’s like to have a job. She tells him and Holling that she is “already working.”

Mr. Hoodrood, a staunch supporter of President Richard Nixon, a Republican, is vehemently opposed. He criticizes not only Kennedy, as a spoiled rich kid, but Martin Luther King Jr., whom he associates with radical, communist ideas.

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