In The Way to Rainy Mountain, where is Rainy Mountain, and why does Momaday return there?

In The Way to Rainy Mountain, Rainy Mountain is a feature of the natural landscape that has deep historical, cultural, and religious significance to the Kiowa people. Momaday returns there because he wants to be at the grave of his grandmother, who recently passed away.

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We learn the answer to these questions in the first two paragraphs of the introduction.

According to Momaday, Rainy Mountain is located in Oklahoma, to the northwest of the Wichita Range. It is a site of remarkable significance for the Kiowa people, and for Momaday, it represents a significant link with his family’s past. Rainy Mountain is described as a “single knoll” which may make it sound insignificant. To the Kiowa people, however, it is a landmark with spiritual significance. The Wichita Mountains are very old in geological terms, which is arguably representative of the ancient meaning that Rainy Mountain has for Momaday and the Kiowa people.

The reason for his return is a desire to honor his Kiowa heritage as well as to be at the grave of his grandmother, who died a few months prior. There were a number of reasons that he felt the need to make this trip, all linked to his need to reconnect with his people, despite the facts that he does not speak the language of his people...

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