In The Way to Rainy Mountain, what are your impressions of Momaday's grandmother, Aho?

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Momaday depicts his grandmother as a spiritual woman who relied heavily on her faith to get through pain and suffering. He notes that she became a Christian later in her life but always retained her original Kiowa heritage. She remained hopeful and used prayer to keep up that optimism. Although various memories of Aho are ingrained in his mind—standing at the stove and cooking, sitting at the window doing her beadwork, moving slowly with the assistance of her cane—Momaday states that his sharpest memory is of Aho praying.

Aho came from a proud and brave heritage, and she revered the sun, a trait that people have lost today. She had a respect for the land and nature around her, regarding is as "holy."

Momaday juxtaposes Aho's life with her death as he illustrates how important his grandmother was, not only to him but also to the community. In life, her house was always filled with people. Excitement and happiness abounded. In addition, the "aged visitors" came "to remind and be...

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