In The Talisman, Salidin’s plan for Sir Kenneth involves Roswal. In what way?

In The Talisman, Saladin’s plan involves using a dog named Roswal to identify the person who attacked it and stole the royal flag. Roswal is Sir Kenneth’s dog. When Sir Kenneth is lured away from the guard post to which King Richard assigned him, he leaves Roswal on duty. He returns to find the king’s flag gone and the dog severely injured. Saladin, disguised as El Hakim, convinces Kenneth to have Roswal identify the perpetrator.

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In The Talisman, both Saladin and Sir Kenneth assume disguises at various times. While Sir Kenneth is attending King Richard in camp, he is accompanied by his dog, Roswal. When Conrade’s plot against King Richard’s supreme authority prompts the Austrian duke to raise his own flag, Richard has it torn down so that the English flag alone is flying above the camp. The king assigns Kenneth to guard the flag. However, Kenneth is lured away by a false message that sends him to Edith’s tent. He leaves Roswal on guard duty. When he realizes that he was fooled, Kenneth returns to find that the flag has been stolen and Roswal is horribly wounded.

Saladin, who is disguised as El Hakim, uses his talisman to revive the injured dog. Furious when Kenneth confesses his lapse, Richard threatens to execute him. When El Hakim pleads his case, Richard allows Kenneth to leave with him. Kenneth then disguises himself as a Nubian slave and returns to camp as Richard’s attendant. In this role, he saves the king’s life from the plotters’ attack, and in turn, the king saves him from a poisoned knife wound. The Nubian then offers to identify the person who stole the flag.

Following El Hakim’s advice, Kenneth knows that Roswal will recognize his attacker. Amidst a massive procession, the suspects pass the dog, who instantly lunges at Conrade on horseback.

Roswal, the noble hound, uttering a furious and savage yell, sprung forward…. [He] leapt upon Conrade’s noble charger, and, seizing the Marquis by the throat, pulled him down from the saddle.

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