In the story Things Fall Apart, why does Okonkwo kill himself?

In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo kills himself because he has killed a colonial official in an attempt to defy the white, Christian authority but is not defended or supported by his people. He chooses to kill himself rather than be taken to the white authorities, and his suicide reflects both defiance and desperation.

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Throughout the whole novel, Okonkwo struggles with the changes taking place in his tribe.  He is initially known as one of the strongest, most honorable tribesmen, but as the white man begins coming in and other tribal members begin to change as a result, particularly his own son, Okonkwo cannot handle the change.  He sees these other clansmen as weak, like he saw his father was weak.  The one thing Okonkwo fears the most is weakness.  By novel's end, Okonkwo has tried to remain strong against the tide of change, but he appears to be the only one.  When he kills the colonial official in the end, it is one last attempt to 'save' his tribe from the weakness and influence of the white man.  No...

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