In the Selwyn story, what is the significance of Naegeli?

In the Selwyn story, the significance of Naegali is that the old alpine guide is a symbol of Selwyn's lost homeland. Selwyn had an attachment to Naegali that mirrored his connection to his home country of Lithuania. Selwyn's loss of Naegali is an echo of the loss of his homeland.

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For Selwyn, Naegali wasn't just an old alpine guide. He was a father figure, someone who represented a symbolic reincarnation of Selwyn's schoolteacher. This was important to Selwyn, because his teacher's placing his hand on the young Selwyn's head is the sole memory he has of his childhood home. That being the case, Naegali also stands for Selwyn's homeland and more specifically his attachment to and memory of it. So when Selwyn loses Naegali,...

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