In the prologue of Invisible Man, why does the protagonist need light so much?

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The narrator needs light because he lives a subterranean existence in a basement, but he certainly doesn't need the huge amount of lightbulbs that line every available inch of his cramped dwelling. One senses that this is his way of getting back at the Monopolated Light & Power Company, with which he is in dispute. Not only is he going to steal electricity from the power company, he's going to steal as much as possible, hence the abnormally large number of lightbulbs in the basement.

This is one of the few ways that the narrator can get back at The Man. In the outside world above his basement, he's a member of a hated and despised minority; people only notice him when they're physically attacking him or subjecting him to racial slurs. Down in the basement, however, the narrator can retain his anonymity, but now it is on his terms. The power company knows it's being ripped off,...

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