In the poem "Cold as Heaven" by Judith Ortiz Cofer, write about the way the images presented in this poem help create an overall message about death. You might also note the use of allusion (to Lent, and to the season of the year that Lent represents in this part of the world)—how does that play into the message of the poem? Carefully note the use of imagery and figurative language as it happens. Notice the way the poem makes you see things, hear things, remember things.

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The author of the poem “Cold as Heaven” uses various literary devices, including imagery and allusion, to bring out the message of death. The author uses imagery in different instances within the poem, as discussed below.

The author says, “her white bed, in this white room” when referring to her grandmother’s bed and room. In this statement, the author uses white as imagery to signify heaven. White signifies purity; hence, it is highly associated with heaven. The author also uses the phrase “the Caribbean sun winds up the world like an old alarm clock” to indicate that time was no longer a privilege that her grandmother enjoyed. The statement means that as the...

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