In the play The Crucible, how does Reverend Parris manipulate other characters?

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Since reverend Parris is obsessively paranoid about the idea that he is being persecuted and that 'a faction' in Salem wishes to get rid of him, he goes to great lengths to firstly, protect his position and secondly, to get rid of those he deems his enemies, such as John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse and Giles Corey.

To this end, he therefore attempts to manipulate the court (especially the esteemed judge Danforth) and others. He has limited success in these ventures, for his meddling does to some degree influence the proceedings, but he is deemed more of an irritation than much else.

At the beginning, when the reverend discovers his daughter, Betty, his niece Abigail Williams and his servant Tituba, dancing in the woods with other girls from the village, he realises that he might be in deep trouble. It is for this reason that he summons Reverend Hale from Beverley, a respected authority in the occult. Parris' primary intention is to encourage the reverend to discover evidence disproving...

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