In the play All My Sons, who is the protagonist? What are they doing which all the other characters must react to? Who is the antagonist? What do they do in response to the actions of the protagonist?

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The two protagonists of All My Sons are Chris Keller and Ann Deever. Their decision to be married, despite Ann's prior engagement to Chris's brother, Frank, moves the plot of the play forward and creates all the dramatic tension with the other characters. Frank has been missing for several years after disappearing while flying on a plane during WWII.

Joe and Kate Keller and Ann's brother, George, are all antagonists; their actions are mostly set off by the actions of Chris and Ann. For instance, Joe Keller is secretly worried that he is responsible for Frank's death because Joe helped manufacture faulty plane parts during the war that easily could have ended up in Frank's plane and caused his death. Chris's decision to marry Ann forces Joe to confront these feelings. Kate is also forced to confront the fact that Frank might really be dead, which she had previously refused to believe. George arrives to try to stop the marriage and eventually has to be sent away.

The protagonist in the play is...

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