In The Outsiders, what were the boys given to take with them on their escape?

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In chapter four, Johnny and Pony are attacked by a group of Socs at a local park, and Johnny stabs and kills a Soc named Bob Sheldon in self-defense. Shortly after Pony regains consciousness, he and Johnny travel to Buck Merril's place in order to find Dally and seek his advice.

Once they arrive at Buck Merril's place, Dally comes to the door and listens as Johnny describes their predicament. Without batting an eye, Dally listens as Johnny explains that the authorities will be after him for killing a Soc. Dally demonstrates his loyalty by agreeing to help the boys skip town and evade the police.

Dally ends up giving the boys a gun and fifty dollars. He also tells Pony to dry himself off and gives him a worn brown leather jacket with yellow sheep's-wool lining. He then instructs the boys to hop the three-fifteen freight to Windrixville and hide out in an abandoned church on Jay Mountain. He tells the boys to buy a week's supply of food when they get to Windrixville and remain inside the church until they hear from him. Pony and Johnny are grateful for Dally's help and follow his advice by traveling to Windrixville and hiding in the abandoned church.

Overall, Dally gives the boys fifty dollars, a gun, a brown leather jacket, and advice on how to skip town without being caught.

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