In The Other Wes Moore, explain the final interview between the two Wes Moores.

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At the final interview between the two Wes Moores, the other Wes Moore, the convicted murderer, surprises the author by still insisting that he wasn't present during the robbery that led to the murder of Sgt. Prothero. This would appear to suggest that the other Wes is unwilling to accept responsibility for his actions, despite everything that's happened.

Our suspicions are confirmed when the other Wes says that people are products of their other people's expectations, which they've internalized to the extent that they eventually lose control. This isn't quite the same as shuffling off the blame for your actions onto society, but it's not far off it. Whichever way you look at it, the other Wes Moore is reluctant to accept responsibility for what he's done.

The author's life experiences have led him to the complete opposite conclusion. But he doesn't challenge the other Wes; as he leaves prison after his visiting time is up, he reflects on his namesake's words, recognizing that what he's said, even if he disagrees with it, provides much food for thought.

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