In the Odyssey by Homer, what is Athena's role?

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Athena plays a prominent role in The Odyssey and functions as Odysseus's guardian goddess, helping him to return safely to Ithaca and rid his palace of the suitors.

Athena initially expresses her concerns for Odysseus by petitioning Zeus to intervene on his behalf. Zeus listens to Athena and instructs Calypso to let Odysseus leave her island. Athena then disguises herself as Mentor and visits Telemachus. She advises Telemachus to travel to Pylos and Sparta to gather information about his father's whereabouts. The goddess also helps Telemachus escape Ithaca unscathed and visits Penelope in a dream to ease her mind about her son's journey.

In addition to helping Telemachus on his journey and intervening on Odysseus's behalf to escape Calypso's island, she proceeds to calm the treacherous seas and visits princess Nausikaa in a dream to set up a meeting between her and Odysseus. Athena then enhances Odysseus's appearance to make him admirable to the Phaeacians, who provide him with a swift...

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