The Martian Chronicles Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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In "The Naming of Names," a chapter in The Martian Chronicles, what is the main conflict and its resolution? If not from that chapter, then describe the general conflict and its resolution from The Martian Chronicles.

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The conflict in this chapter has to do with Harry's mistrust of Mars and his fear of of his family changing somehow from Earthlings into Martians. This fear becomes acute when word reaches Mars of a nuclear war on Earth, and Harry realizes that he and the other humans living on Mars have been effectively marooned on the planet. At first, he is determined to build a rocket himself so that he can escape, but eventually he becomes more and more Martian, both in outlook and (eventually) physically.

In a broader sense, the conflict has to do with otherness. Harry knows, from the moment he gets off the rocket, that Mars is a different place and that changing the names of mountains and canals...

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